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We work with organizations to extend their reach in creative and Innovative ways. 


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Our Company 


Just like there are doctors that are specialists, our history working with clients in the following areas make us experts in these fields as well.  From creative campaigns for the leading  airplane manufacturer to rebranding a medical office to helping a multi-state bank reach out to its clients, we have a history of great success in the following areas. 


Healthcare       Manufacturing       Aviation     Banking and Finance


That’s not all we do.  We also develop employee programs, length of service programs and work wtih your safety and wellness programs to get the best result you can from the employees that represent you and your business.  


Call us today to find out how Hill Creek Marketing can impact your bottom line. 

Our Mission


Hill Creek Marketing was started with an idea that marketing can be creative, innovative and measurable.  Our mission is to engage whoever receives your item to a point that they actually stop and think about what you just gave them.  If I asked you if your last go at promotional products was a measurable success, what would you say?  How did you measure a return on your investment?  We work with business  every day to expand their reach in some pretty creative and innovate ways. 


So just what does that mean?


Your budget needs to extend further today than almost at any other time in your career.  How do you know the impact you are making?  We help you get creative with your spend and establish some goals on the front end so that you know how well you did.  Did you accomplish what you set out to do?



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