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Promotional products are amazing items used to interact with your tribe and to engage your followers and customers. Over the years, the marketplace has become complacent in how they use these products. It's easy to pop your logo on an item and hand them out to create a top-of-mind experience, but if you scratch just a little bit below the surface, promotional products, when used differently, are incredibly effective. They are powerful, creating a bond between the giver and the recipient.

At Hill Creek Marketing, we have a passion which drives us to capture the attention of your audience. We have identified 82 elements that build an effective creative marketing campaign. We draw from these and use these elements to create solutions that will engage and drive your desired outcome. These are listed on our Periodic Table of Creative Elements.  We look at the culture of your organization, your brand, and what differentiates you from your competition. By doing this deep dive, and understanding your objectives, we are able to engage the target audience with a campaign and messaging that connects at a deeper level, that builds trust and relationships with purpose.

Consider measurably expanding your reach in creative and innovative ways. We’re here to help!


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