At Hill Creek Marketing we believe in the power of promotional marketing. We’ve been asked, "what makes you different?" Let me share some foundational beliefs we have.

  • Promotional products create a bond and build relationships. The power of giving a gift is undisputed.
  • Use products that have utility, tools that are useful. You may want to consider finding items that have a higher value and purchase less of them to stay on budget.
  • Work within your brand. We always think about colors, also consider what is important to the look and feel of what it’s like to work with you.
  • Having a plan for how you are going to use your products - Who are they going to, what is the message, did we accomplish what we set out to do? Are all important parts to knowing if you were successful.


Some areas we excel in are:

client gifts

Client gifts – given to appreciate business given to you or onboarding a new client. Client gifts build on a relationship that you already have. It helps to recognize you don’t take their business for granted.

employee retention

Employee retention – much the same as a client gift, our employees are often our customer facing entities.  Knowing that they are appreciated raises their level of contentment in their position and they are happy to do a great job as well as telling their friends about where they work.

Custom Projects

Custom Projects - Have an idea and can’t find or don’t want a standard product off the shelf? We’ve helped design some pretty incredible pieces utilizing our partners.

company stores

Company stores – If you want your customers to have access to branded apparel or hard goods? We have a platform for that. We also design platforms that help save time for your marketing department by offering preapproved merchandise for your team. As other sites and departments need products, they can log on and choose from what you have approved. We can then bill that department for the items selected. From nametags to business cards for new employees and innovative ideas to show your brand, it can all be included.



2023 Gift Guide

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